Britain: vote for Fiona Lali – kick out the war criminals!

Following her takedown of British MP Suella Braverman, and with a surge of grassroots support, Fiona Lali is standing as a revolutionary communist candidate for Stratford and Bow in the upcoming British general election. Vote for Fiona! Bring down the warmongers!

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In Gaza, thousands of innocent men, women, and children are being butchered and starved to death by the brutal Israeli war machine.

Both the Tories and Labour have blood on their hands. Keir Starmer is no different from Rishi Sunak when it comes to backing Netanyahu’s genocidal massacre. Right-wing Labour MPs – like Rushanara Ali and Lyn Brown in East London – have refused to vote for a ceasefire.

The warmongers in Westminster are spouting endless lies. But they cannot hide their crimes.

At the end of day, the entire British establishment and their servile media are puppets of their imperialist masters in Washington.

To distract from their own complicity in the slaughter in Gaza, they are weaponising antisemitism and repressing protesters.

They cynically accuse Palestine supporters of racism and ‘extremism’. But they are the ones whipping up bigotry, discrimination, and xenophobia against migrants and refugees.

While this horror plays out abroad, working-class people back home are experiencing savage cuts and falling living standards. Desperate levels of poverty and disease, not seen since the 1930s, have returned to East London and elsewhere.

Shamefully, young people are being denied a future. Many are being pushed into dead-end jobs, on miserly wages and zero-hour contracts. Faced with sky-high rents and mortgages, finding decent, affordable housing has become a real nightmare.

Yet Labour has nothing to offer when it comes to solving the housing crisis or improving workers’ pay, conditions, and rights.

Our schools, hospitals, and utilities are literally crumbling to pieces. NHS waiting lists are getting longer and longer. And profiteering, parasitic water companies are polluting our rivers and coasts with raw sewage.

The corrupt clique in Downing Street tell us there is no money to fix any of this. Yet there is always money for wars and weapons.

We say: Nationalise the water, energy, and rail monopolies! Take every penny spent on arms and sent to the Israeli regime, and put it into public healthcare, education, and local services!

This shambles in Britain is no accident, but is due to the crisis of capitalism – a system that does not reward hard work, but that runs on the basis of profit and greed.

The rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer. While the billionaires amass ever greater fortunes, the numbers relying on food banks are growing daily.

All the main parties and politicians are in the pockets of big business. They are all simply Tories in one form or another.

They promise change, but deliver nothing. Meanwhile, everything gets worse. And whatever they give with one hand, they take with the other.

We reject those who argue that we must simply tinker with the system; who appeal to those in power to be kinder and nicer. A leopard will not change its spots.

Capitalism is responsible for climate catastrophe, chaos, and crisis; for war, hunger, and the ever-widening gulf in society.

We need a root and branch change – not scraps from the richman’s table.

This rotten system must go. Society’s wealth must be taken out of the hands of the bankers and capitalists, and used for the benefit of all.

Instead of fighting over crumbs, we should use these vast resources to build a million council homes; to provide quality, well-paid jobs for all; and to plan the economy – under workers’ control and the direction of ordinary communities – in the interests of the majority.

This is a bold revolutionary approach. Nothing less will do. Anything else will simply be more of the same: cuts and crisis; austerity and tragedy.

Capitalism has become a monstrous barrier to human progress. We need to do away with it.

That is why we stand for a fundamental transformation of society – for socialist revolution, in Britain and internationally.

We reject the establishment parties, and offer our support and solidarity to those genuine left candidates who are taking a stand against western imperialism and its agents.

We need revolutionary voices inside Parliament and on the streets, representing and accountable to working-class communities.

It is time not only to vote, but to act!

A Starmer government will only continue with Tory capitalist policies. We need to get organised in every workplace and neighbourhood, in every school and college, and mobilise to win policies for the working class and for young people.

Vote for Fiona Lali! Join the Revolutionary Communist Party! Fight for your future!


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