Canada: secret RCMP report warns of coming revolution, communists must get organized now!

It is not often that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the communists agree on something. But the deep crisis of capitalism that we are facing today is an existential threat that cannot be ignored by the most serious strategists of capital. Therefore, the latter are increasingly reaching the same conclusion as Marxists despite coming from the opposite side: that revolution is around the corner.

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A secret RCMP report is warning that Canada may descend into civil unrest once workers realize the hopelessness of their economic situation. In all our analysis in the recent decade, the communists of the RCP have said that a spectre of communism is haunting Canada. This report has shown that communists are not just blowing hot air.

The global crisis of capitalism has rocked country after country. Mass movements of revolutionary dimensions have swept the globe. Canada has so far been spared such mass movements. But beneath this appearance of idyllic stability, there is an old mole that burrows deep into the soil of history until everything bursts asunder.

The report wrote, “The coming period of recession will … accelerate the decline in living standards that the younger generations have already witnessed compared to earlier generations. … For example, many Canadians under 35 are unlikely ever to be able to buy a place to live.” Inflation, housing crisis, debt crisis, and cost-of-living crisis have been squeezing the workers for years, and sooner or later something will give. Such is the dire warning that this report tries to convey to the government, that the economic hardships faced by the workers have resulted in “marked social and political polarization” that could lead to a “civil unrest”, or a revolution.

But there is no solution to this “polycrisis”. Canadian capitalism is in a terminal decline. A recent OECD report has predicted that Canada will be the worst performing economy over 2020-2030. Canada can at best achieve GDP growth of only 0.7 per cent per year over 2020-2030. This fact is echoed by the RCMP report, that “economic forecasts for the next five years and beyond are bleak,” and living standards “will probably deteriorate further in the next five years.” This is a sure recipe for a sharpening class struggle in the next period as workers lose hope in their future.

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Capitalism all over the world can no longer develop productive forces. This is manifested in the economic, political, and even moral decomposition of the entire capitalist system. For youth and workers, everything reeks of decay. The report laments “the increasing mistrust for all democratic institutions”. But none are so blind as those who refuse to see. The RCMP blames “misinformation”, “conspiracy theories” and “paranoia” for this “erosion of trust”, despite having highlighted the declining living standards and the deep economic crisis that Canada is facing.

For the ruling class, youth and workers who seek a revolutionary way out of the capitalist abyss are misinformed. If that is the case, the communists are proud to widely spread this “misinformation”: that the rich are feasting while the poor live in “misery, agony of toil, slavery, ignorance, mental degradation”; that capitalism has outlived itself and needs to be overthrown; that the only salvation for the humankind is the struggle for communism. The communists have theories, but they are not “conspiracy theories”. They are Marxist theories, the only weapon for the working class to emancipate itself from capitalist horrors, and the Revolutionary Communist Party will defend and spread these theories to the youth and workers.

The time to just scroll through social media and listen to left wing podcasts is over. It is time to roll up our sleeves and break out of this capitalist hopelessness.

Revolution and communism are no longer a utopia. What is a utopia is to accept this rotten system. The Revolutionary Communist Party sets itself a modest goal, to build an organization capable of leading this coming revolution to a communist victory. We call on all communist youth and workers to join this party, your party.

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