First published in Pravda No. 74, June 19 (6), 1917.

We are very grateful to the chauvinist newspaper, Volya Naroda [1] for publishing (in its issue of June 4) our documents relating to our passage through Germany. It is evident from these documents that even at that time we found Grimm’s behaviour “ambiguous” and declined his services.

That is a fact, and facts cannot be talked away.

Our answer to the vague insinuations of Volya Naroda is: don’t be cowards, gentlemen, accuse us openly of such- and-such a crime or misdemeanour! Have a go! Is it really hard to understand that it is dishonest to make vague insinuations because of a fear to come out with an accusation over one’s signature?


[1] Volya Naroda (People’s Will)—a daily newspaper published by the Right wing of the Socialist-Revolutionary Party in Petrograd in 1917. It was closed down in November 1917. Afterwards it reappeared under other titles, and was suppressed altogether in February 1918.


Source: Marxist Internet Archive.