Title Created Date Author
Britain: Theresa May resignation – let's kick out the rest of the Tories! 24 May 2019 Adam Booth
2019 Fightback Congress: the strongest revolutionary organisation in Canada! 24 May 2019 Fightback (Canada)
Sudan: a new stage opens up – time for a workers’ offensive 24 May 2019 Ben Gliniecki
USA: capitalism – not too big to fail 23 May 2019 John Peterson
Italy: dockers strike against the imperialist war and win! 23 May 2019 Roberto Sarti
Australian general election: Coalition victory that defied the opinion polls 23 May 2019 Gary Day
Thailand: three activists missing 23 May 2019 In Defence of Marxism
Brazil: the political situation after 15 May 22 May 2019 Esquerda Marxista
Danish perspectives 2019: great shifts will initiate a new period of class struggle 22 May 2019 Revolutionære Socialister
Austria: snap elections and political explosions 21 May 2019 Emanuel Tomaselli
El Salvador: 10 years of the Militante BPJ paper – an inspiring legacy 21 May 2019 Juan de la Cruz
Appeal: help comrades in El Salvador purchase a printing machine 21 May 2019 In Defence of Marxism
Peasant struggle in Myanmar (Burma) 20 May 2019 NA
Britain: Theresa May – damned if she goes; damned if she doesn't 20 May 2019 Rob Sewell
Venezuela: privatisation is a betrayal 20 May 2019 Leander Pérez
A new breakthrough for the IMT: the voice of the revolutionary youth of Myanmar (Burma) 17 May 2019 In Defence of Marxism
15 May: the slogan “Bolsonaro Out” triumphant on streets of Brazil 17 May 2019 Alex Minoru
Brazil: tsunami against education cuts shows Bolsonaro government can be brought down 16 May 2019 Jorge Martin
Britain: the Brexit Party – Labour must become the real anti-establishment party 15 May 2019 James Kilby
Cuba: Trump's threats, constitutional reform and the economic situation 14 May 2019 Jorge Martin