The October Revolution in the American Press

The Russian Revolution of 1917 had a massive impact throughout the world. Bolshevik ideas inspired workers all over Europe and across the Atlantic in the Unites States. The events of October 1917 were the spark that ignited American communism, while also setting the stage for decades of oppressive anti-communist propaganda and 'witch-hunts' by the ruling class.

Below we publish a collection of articles written in the US socialist press in the year following the revolution. Many of the articles were originally published in the only daily American socialist paper at the time, The New York Call, a front runner of American socialism. The articles are written by a series of authors (names provided where possible) working for The New York Call or affiliated publishers. Amongst these were Eugene Debs and John Reed. All the articles were written between November 1917 and November 1918 and are in chronological order sorted by month.