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Nigeria - Campaign for a Workers Alternative

South Africa - Revolution



Indonesia - Perhimpunan Sosialis Revolusioner

Pakistan - Lal Salam

Russia - and Marxist News

Taiwan - The Spark(火花)



Australia - Revolution Australia

New Zealand - Socialist Appeal


Latin America

Argentina - Revolución

Bolivia - Lucha de Clases

Brazil - Esquerda Marxista

El Salvador - Bloque Popular Juvenil

Mexico - La Izquierda Socialista

Venezuela - Lucha de Clases


North America

Canada - Fightback

Québec - Tendance Marxiste Internationale

USA - Socialist Revolution


Middle East

Arabic -



Austria - Der Funke

Belgium - Vonk

Belgium Fr - Révolution

Britain - Socialist Appeal

Scotland - Revolution Scotland

Denmark - Revolution

France - Révolution

Germany - Der Funke

Greece - Epanastasi (Communist Tendency)

Italy - Sinistra classe rivoluzione and FalceMartello

Netherlands - Revolutie

Portugal - Colectivo Marxista

Russia - and Marxist News

Spain - Lucha de Clases

Catalonia - L'Octubre

Sweden - Revolution

Switzerland - Der Funke

Switzerland Fr - L'étincelle

Poland - Czerwony Front

Yugoslavia - Crvena Kritika

Norway - Revolusjon (IMT)


Campaigns and other websites

Bolshevik 1917

Hands off Venezuela

Ted Grant Internet Archive
See also: Ted Grant Commemoration Appeal

Marxist writers Internet Archive