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Lal Khan was born at Bhuan, Pakistan in 1956. He had his initial education at Dacca, Rawalpindi and Hassanabdal. He joined Nishtar Medical College Multan in 1975 where he was elected General Secretary of the students union, against Islamic fundamentalists in 1978. He was arrested several times in Multan for his political activities. In 1979 in his last year of medical studies, he was arrested and tortured by the Zia dictatorship for leading agitation against the despotic regime. After his release, he was forcibly migrated to Rawalpindi Medical College. Here again due to his revolutionary struggle against the regime he was ordered to be shot at sight by the Military Command Council on 10 May 1980. He was severely injured but managed to flee the country and reached Amsterdam, Holland. He continued his studies at University of Amsterdam. In the meantime he was actively involved in organising movement against the military dictatorship from exile. He was one of the founders of paper “Class Struggle” , the first issue of which came out in November 1980. It was smuggled into the country and distributed clandestinely. He returned to Pakistan in October 1987 and since been the Political editor of the Class Struggle (Urdu) and Editor of the Asian Marxist Review. He has already written twenty eight books on wide ranging political and economic issues from a Marxist perspective. The author was actively involved in the 1968-69 revolutionary movement at Saint Mary's Cambridge School, he participated in protests, demonstrations of the students and workers and was at the barricades in Rawalpindi, in the stormy events.

Lal Khan is the pen name of the author as he wrote most of his works under a brutal dictatorship, in clandestine conditions.

Works by the Same Author

  • Socialist Revolution and Pakistan 1 (Urdu)
    London Great Britain: January 1983
  • National Question in Pakistan and theory of Confederation (Urdu)
    London Great Britain: January 1983
  • What is Socialism?
    Hasselt, Belgium: June 1983
  • The Role and character of the Left Wing in Pakistan (Urdu)
    London Great Britain: March 1986
  • Dialectical Materialism - An Introduction to Marxist Philosophy (Urdu)
    Lahore, Pakistan: April 1987
  • Socialist Revolution and Pakistan 2 (Urdu)
    Lahore, Pakistan: July 1987
  • Afghan Revolution (Urdu)
    Lahore, Pakistan: May 1988
  • Bolshevik Revolution 1917 and Present Day Russia (Urdu)
    Lahore, Pakistan: May 1989
  • Pakistan - Socialist Revolution or Bloody Conflagration (English)
    Lahore, Pakistan: May 1989
  • Privatisation - Struggle or Death (Urdu)
    Lahore, Pakistan: April 1993
  • Socialist Revolution and Pakistan 3 (Urdu)
    Lahore, Pakistan: January 1994
  • Islamic Fundamentalism - Resurgence and Prospects (Spanish)
    Madrid, Spain: April 1995
  • Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (Programme and Strategy) (Urdu)
    Lahore, Pakistan: June 1996
  • Pakistan Perspectives (Urdu)
    Lahore, Pakistan: February 1997
  • China - In Search of Revolution (Urdu)
    Lahore, Pakistan: 1997
  • Marxism & National Question (Urdu)
    Lahore, Pakistan: May 1999
  • Pakistan Peoples Party, Proposed Manifesto (Urdu)
    Lahore, Pakistan: April 2000
  • Marxism & National Question (Urdu)
    Lahore, Pakistan: May 1999
  • Pakistan Perspective 2000 (Urdu)
    Lahore, Pakistan: May 2000
  • China - The present Epoch - Charcter & Perspective (Urdu)
    Lahore, Pakistan: March 2001
  • Socialist Revolution and Pakistan (Urdu)
    Lahore, Pakistan: February 2002
  • Crisis in Indian Subcontinent - Partition Can It Be Undone? (English)
    First Edition: London, Great Britain 2001
    Second Edition: Warsaw, Poland 2003
    Third Edition: New Delhi, India 2007
    22 National Question and Marxist Internationalism (Co-authored with Ted Grant and Alan woods)
    Lahore, Pakistan: October 2004
  • Kashmir's Ordeal (English)
    London, Great Britain: October 2005
  • Kashmir's Ordeal (Urdu)
    Lahore, Pakistan: January 2006
  • Middle East and Lebanon War (Urdu)
    Lahore, Pakistan: October 2006
  • Perspective of Pakistan (Urdu)
    Lahore, Pakistan: February 2006
  • Twenty First Century Socialism (Urdu)
    Lahore, Pakistan: March 2007
  • Socialist Revolution and Pakistan Perspectives (Urdu)
    Lahore, Pakistan: March 2008
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