1917 The February Revolution of 1917

Title Created Date Author
Flood-Tide: The Economic Conjuncture and the World Labour Movement 25 December 1921 Leon Trotsky
A School of Revolutionary Strategy 01 July 1921 Leon Trotsky
International Working Women’s Day 08 March 1921 V.I. Lenin
[Classics] Terrorism and Communism (Dictatorship versus Democracy) 29 May 1920 Leon Trotsky
On International Women's Day 08 March 1920 V.I. Lenin
To the Working Women 21 February 1920 V.I. Lenin
Lenin on the Women’s Question (An Interview) 01 January 1920 Clara Zetkin
Lenin on the Women’s Question 01 January 1920 Clara Zetkin
Soviet Power and the Status of Women 06 November 1919 V.I. Lenin
Rosa Luxemburg 01 September 1919 Clara Zetkin
Heroism of the Workers in the Rear "Communist Subbotniks" 28 June 1919 V.I. Lenin
A meeting between V.I. Lenin and P. A. Kropotkin 28 May 1919 V. D. Bonc-Brujevic
Rosa Luxemburg: Her Fight Against the German Betrayers of International Socialism 01 May 1919 Clara Zetkin
First All-Russia Congress of Working Women (Speech) 19 November 1918 V.I. Lenin
Our Revolution 16 February 1918 Leon Trotsky
[Book] History of the Russian Revolution to Brest-Litovsk 07 February 1918 Leon Trotsky
The Fight Against Kaledin 12 January 1918 V.I. Lenin
Concerning the Expulsion from the Party of S. A. Lozovsky 12 January 1918 V.I. Lenin
Resolution Of The Council Of People's Commissars On The Rada's Reply To The C.P.C. 12 January 1918 V.I. Lenin
Fear Of The Collapse Of Tile Old And The Fight For Tile New 06 January 1918 V.I. Lenin