Revolution 2017 - a three day festival of Marxist ideas


Socialist Appeal and the International Marxist Tendency invite you to REVOLUTION 2017 - a three day festival of Marxist ideas.

Featuring Leon Trotsky's grandson, Esteban Volkov, joining us via video link to discuss the significance of the Russian Revolution - 100 years on.

Student Central (formerly ULU), Malet Street, London

100 years ago, the masses in Russia - led by Lenin and the Bolsheviks - changed the course of history with the inspiring October Revolution. For the first time in history, the working class took power into its own hands and attempted to transform society in the interests of the vast majority.

Today, with the world in the midst of crises at all levels - economically, politically, and socially - there is once again a thirst for revolutionary ideas to make sense of the turbulent processes taking place and explain the way forward for society.

From the chaos of the Trump administration and the growing global military tensions between America, China, and Russia; to the radical political movements seen around Melenchon in France, Sanders in the USA, and Corbyn in Britain: it is clear that the status quo has failed and the system has broken. Now more than ever, therefore, there is a need for revolutionary change and a socialist alternative.

Join Socialist Appeal and the International Marxist Tendency this October for REVOLUTION - a three day festival celebrating the events of the 1917 Russian Revolution; learning the vital lessons from such revolutionary historical events; and discussing the relevance of Marxist ideas in understanding how we can fight for radical change today.

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Tickets: £10 students and unwaged / £20 waged / £30 solidarity
Limited accommodation available - e-mail to reserve.



All talks and events are in Student Central (formely ULU) on Malet Street. Nearest stations are Goodge Street; Euston Square; Warren Street; and Russell Square.

Friday 20th October (Upper Hall)

6pm - Registration

7pm - 9.30pm - Rally for the Russian Revolution - with guest speakers Esteban Volkov (Leon Trotsky's grandson, via video link) and Alan Woods (author of Bolshevism: the Road to Revolution, and the premier of the new IMT documentary about the life and ideas of Trotsky.

Saturday 21st October

9.30am - Registration

10.30am - 12.30pm:

The Marxist critique of postmodernism - Daniel Morley (Upper Hall)
Terrorism: the madness of capitalism - Hamid Alizadeh (Room 3D)
How does capitalism work? Marx's Capital 150 years on - Natasha Sorrell (Room 3C)

12.30pm - 1.30pm - Lunch

1.30pm - 3.15pm:

Fascism and the far-right - Marie Frederiksen (Upper Hall)
What is a revolution? - Ben Gliniecki (Room 3D)
History of the Troubles in Ireland - Gerry Ruddy (Room 3C)

3.15pm - 3.30pm - Break

3.30pm - 5.15pm:

Imperialism: then and now - Fred Weston (Upper Hall)
Red Clydeside: Scotland and socialism - Rachel Gibbs (Room 3D)
The rise and fall of neo-liberalism and globalisation - James Kilby (Room 3C)

5.15pm - 5.30pm - Break

5.30pm - 7pm - Corbyn to power on a socialist programme! - with guest speakers Steve Hedley (Senior Assistant General Secretary of the RMT), Danielle Tiplady (leading nurse activist), and Rob Sewell (Editor of Socialist Appeal)

7pm - 11pm - The revolutionary party! - social with drinks and music (Djam Lecture Theatre, room G2 SOAS main building)

Sunday 22nd October

9.30am - 10am - Registration

10am - 12 midday:

Russia: from revolution to counter-revolution - Andy Southwark (Upper Hall)
Marxism and the Labour Party - Jack Halinski-Fitzpatrick (Room 3D)
The history of dialectical philosophy - Scott Shaw (Room 3C)

12 midday - 1pm - Lunch

1pm - 2.45pm:

UBI and automation: utopia or nightmare? - Adam Booth (Upper Hall)
Trotsky and the permanent revolution - Jorge Martin (Room 3D)
Art and revolution - Joe Attard (Room 3C)

2.45pm - 3pm - Break

3pm - 4.45pm:

Catalonia and the national question - Jorge Martin (Upper Hall)
The origins of class society - Josh Holroyd (Room 3D)
Idealism vs materialism: mind and matter - Ben Curry (Room 3C)

4.45pm - 5.30pm - Why we need a revolution - closing remarks by Alan Woods
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