Title Created Date Author
Kamenev’s Speech in the C.E.C. on the Stockholm Conference 29 August 1917 V.I. Lenin
[Book] History of the Russian Revolution to Brest-Litovsk 07 February 1918 Leon Trotsky
Lenin on the Women’s Question 01 January 1920 Clara Zetkin
Literature and Revolution 11 April 1924 Leon Trotsky
Leon Trotsky on Futurism 13 June 1924 Leon Trotsky
Lenin on the Women's Question: From My Memorandum Book 08 January 1925 Clara Zetkin
In Defence Of October 27 November 1932 Leon Trotsky
How it Happened 22 November 1940 Natalia Sedova
[Ted Grant] Hungary and the Crisis in the Communist Party 23 November 1956 Ted Grant
[Book] History of the Bolshevik Party: Bolshevism - The Road to Revolution 03 March 2017 Alan Woods
Marxism and art: introduction to Trotsky's writings on Art and Culture 14 December 2000 Alan Woods
Some fundamental questions on the policies of Lenin and Trotsky 07 November 2002 Ted Grant
Kronstadt: Trotsky was right! New material from Soviet archives confirms the Bolsheviks' position 01 December 2003 A Kramer
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin: The relevance of his ideas today 15 January 2004 Rob Sewell
The Emancipation of Women in Russia before and after the Russian Revolution 08 March 2004 Elisabetta Rossi
In Defence of Marxism – Reply to Israel Shamir 20 October 2004
Lenin on the National Question 16 June 2004 Rob Sewell
Lenin on the disarmament slogan 12 October 1916 V.I. Lenin
The Revolution Betrayed - a Marxist Masterpiece 06 June 2001 Alan Woods
The Russian Revolution of 1905 - The Dress Rehearsal for October 10 April 2005 Alan Woods