Title Created Date Author
[Book] History of the Russian Revolution to Brest-Litovsk 07 February 1918 Leon Trotsky
La Revolución Rusa: El Significado de Octubre 25 January 2017 Alan Woods
What the Russian Revolution achieved and why it degenerated 27 January 2017 Alan Woods
A Riddle 24 June 1917 V.I.Lenin
In defence of the Russian Revolution 03 February 2017 International Marxist Tendency
[Video] In Defence of the Russian Revolution - Part one 03 February 2017 Alan Woods
In Defence of Soviet Art: A Reply to Jonathan Jones 06 February 2017 Joe Attard
Another Commission 01 July 1917 V.I. Lenin
“Disgrace” as the Capitalists and the Proletarians Understand It 05 May 1917 V.I. Lenin
A Strong Revolutionary Government 19 May 1917 V.I. Lenin
War and Revolution - A lecture delivered May 27 (14) 27 May 1917 V.I. Lenin
Impending Debacle 27 May 1917 V.I. Lenin
Despicable Methods 29 May 1917 V.I. Lenin
A Letter to the Editors 31 May 1917 V.I. Lenin
Combating Economic Chaos By a Spate of Commissions 31 May 1917 V.I. Lenin
One More Departure From Democratic Principles 31 May 1917 V.I. Lenin
Still More Lies 31 May 1917 V.I. Lenin
How the Capitalists Are Trying to Scare the People 01 June 1917 V.I. Lenin
Confused and Frightened 24 June 1917 V.I. Lenin
A Turn in World Politics 31 January 1917 V.I. Lenin