Britain: Fiona’s 10 demands – a revolutionary communist programme for workers and youth

RCP comrade Fiona Lali is running in the constituency of Stratford & Bow in the upcoming British general election, fighting to kick out the war criminals, and demanding healthcare instead of warfare. We publish here her 10-point programme to raise on the doorstep.

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Fiona Lali – the national campaigns organiser for the Revolutionary Communist Party, the International Marxist Tendency in Britain – is standing as a revolutionary communist candidate for Stratford & Bow in the upcoming general election.

In her viral takedown of Tory headbanger Suella Braverman, in her campaign launch speech, and in her various media appearances since, Fiona has been clear and firm in her message: denouncing the blood-soaked British establishment, and fighting for bold working-class policies.

Fiona will be running in this election as an independent, backed and supported by the RCP.

Most importantly, she will be standing openly as a revolutionary and a communist – pushing a programme that links the imperialist slaughter in Gaza to the austerity and attacks facing workers and youth in Britain.

As Fiona has consistently highlighted, the Westminster warmongers always find money for weapons and armaments to send abroad. Yet they tell us that there is no money to fix crumbling schools, hospitals, and utilities back home.

Ultimately, it is the same rotten system – capitalism – that is responsible for war, economic crisis, and climate catastrophe; for hunger, poverty, and inequality.

That is why we say: Kick out all the war criminals! For healthcare, not warfare! For books, not bombs!

We call on our readers and supporters to join us on the streets over the next five weeks – not just in East London, but up and down the country, helping to spread these slogans far and wide: in workplaces and neighbourhoods; in schools and colleges.

Volunteer to canvass and doorknock; donate to Fiona’s campaign; and help us fight for the ten demands below.

But the struggle doesn’t end on 4 July. No matter what the result, in Stratford & Bow or nationally, there is vital work to do in building the forces of communism everywhere.

We will be glad to see the Tories given the boot. But a Starmer government will be no improvement for the working class.

Whoever resides in Downing Street, the crisis of capitalism will continue to deepen and intensify, meaning continued cuts and misery for workers, young people, and the oppressed.

So don’t just campaign and vote – get organised! Join the Revolutionary Communist Party!

Fiona’s 10-point programme

  1. Kick out the war criminals! Sunak and Starmer have blood on their hands. We say: No more arms exports to Israel! No to imperialist aggression and adventures!
  2. Capitalist politicians always find money for wars and nuclear weapons. Over £200 billion is being spent on Trident. But there is never any money for the NHS or schools. We say: Healthcare, not warfare! Books, not bombs!
  3. Big business is robbing us. Privatised water companies are nothing but gangsters and profiteers, syphoning off billions, while polluting our rivers and coasts with raw sewage. Rail bosses are lining their pockets, while infrastructure rusts. And while energy companies record bumper profits, ordinary families are forced to choose between eating or heating. We say: Nationalise the lot of them – without a penny in compensation for these fat-cats!
  4. The education system is being run into the ground. Universities are on the brink of bankruptcy, while students are forced to pay exorbitant fees and rack up massive debts. We demand free education and living grants. And we stand for giving the vote at 16. Let young people have a say in their future!
  5. Homelessness is rising, as are rents and mortgages. To truly solve the housing crisis, we need to build a million council homes a year. We say: Nationalise the land, construction companies, building societies, and banks, so that we can plan these essential resources in the interests of society! Put people before profit!
  6. Workers in Britain today have experienced the biggest fall in real wages in over two hundred years. We must bring the scandal of low pay to an end. Scrap zero-hour contracts. Workers must receive full employment rights from day one. Repeal all the anti-trade union laws. For a real living wage – at a minimum of £20 per hour, rising with prices – and a retirement age of 55.
  7. The capitalists and their political representatives demonise migrants and whip up xenophobia in order to divide and distract the working class. The enemy of the workers is not other workers, but the bosses and bankers. Fight against racism and all forms of discrimination!
  8. The rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer. Food bank queues and NHS waiting lists are growing. We say: don’t simply tax the rich, but seize their wealth! They have run the country into the ground. It is time to democratically plan the economy for the benefit of the majority, not the billionaires!
  9. The profit system is destroying the planet. Only a planned economy can save the environment, tackle the climate catastrophe, and invest in any necessary adaptations and infrastructure.
  10. Capitalism means war, chaos, and misery. We stand on the side of the exploited and the oppressed, against the exploiters and the oppressors. For international class struggle and world revolution. Workers of the world: unite!

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