The recent gathering of the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre showed clearly how the anti-globalisation movement is becoming more and more dominated by career politicians, and groups and organisations that do not really represent the millions of youth who look to this movement for an alternative to the capitalist system. The capitalist class internationally is using a dual tactic. On the one hand, where they feel it to be necessary (as in Genoa) they use the most repressive and brutal methods to try to crush the movement. On the other hand they try to corrupt the movement and direct it away from radical anti-capitalist ideas.

Over the weekend of March 15-16 we have witnessed the biggest mass demonstrations seen in Spain for years. Several demonstrations have been held in Barcelona against the EU summit that was being held there. On Thursday about 200,000 trade unionists marched and on Saturday half a million people took to the streets. These were protests against bourgeois policies in the whole of Europe, and against capitalist globalisation. This is an eye-witness account of the dramatic events that took place in Barcelona.

The "Battle in Seattle" announced to the world that even in the "belly of the beast", there is outright opposition to the policies of imperialism. Around the world, subsequent meetings of the IMF, World Bank, G8, and NATO have been met with a rising tide of militant protest and increasingly ruthless repression by the ruling class. But the attacks of September 11 cast a shadow over the movement in the US - anyone voicing opposition to the policies of imperialism was considered unpatriotic and even a terrorist - "you're either with us or against us!" Now, on April 20, the first major protest event against the "war on terror" is being held in Washington, DC. The WIL and YFIS will be there. Download and print our A20 flyer and meet us in DC!

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