Title Created Date Author
25 April celebration marks 45 years since the start of the Portuguese Revolution 06 May 2019 Colectivo Marxista Lisboa
Britain: local elections were a Tory bloodbath 04 May 2019 Ben Gliniecki
Historic event on Trotsky in Cuba 03 May 2019 In Defence of Marxism
India: kick out Modi in 2019 general elections 03 May 2019 Louis Thomas in Tamil Nadu, India
May Day 2019: “capitalism is the problem!” 03 May 2019 In Defence of Marxism
Britain: Assange begins fight against extradition from jail 03 May 2019 Rob Smith
Ukraine: Zelenskiy elected president as power shifts within the oligarchy 02 May 2019 Peter Mikhailenko
[Video] Brexit crisis and the civil war in Labour 02 May 2019 In Defence of Marxism
Leonardo Da Vinci: artist, thinker and revolutionary 02 May 2019 Alan Woods
Venezuela: Guaidó’s botched coup – what does it mean and what's next? 01 May 2019 Jorge Martin
May Day: a history of working-class struggles 01 May 2019 Rob Sewell
Britain: communications workers vote unanimously for clause four 30 April 2019 Labour4Clause4
Venezuela: the counter-revolution raises its head – stop the coup! 30 April 2019 Fred Weston
France: Macron's “concessions” are all hot air 30 April 2019 Joe Attard
Spain: the right suffer resounding defeat in the elections 29 April 2019 Rob Smith
Poland: teachers' strike betrayed by trade union leaders 27 April 2019 Henryk Kozlowski
Religious fundamentalism – why is it growing and what is the alternative? 26 April 2019 Fred Weston
Argentina: a ship adrift 26 April 2019 Corriente Socialista Militante
Britain: Tory implosion paves the way for a Corbyn government 25 April 2019 Rob Sewell
The living nightmare of the civil war in Libya – imperialism is responsible! 25 April 2019 Roberto Sarti