Title Created Date Author
Cameroon: factional struggle conceals imperialist interests 06 March 2019 Joe Attard
Pakistan: Rawal Asad granted bail, but the struggle continues 06 March 2019 Progressive Youth Alliance
USA: “for a revolution against the billionaire class”—we need an independent socialist campaign! 05 March 2019 Tom Trottier
More international solidarity for Rawal Asad! 05 March 2019 In Defence of Marxism
Nigeria: 2019 general election reveals whole establishment is discredited 04 March 2019 Ola Kazeem
Iran: Exit Theatre organises successful meeting on the ideas of Karl Marx 04 March 2019 In Defence of Marxism
Lessons of the Finnish Revolution of 1917–1918 01 March 2019 Stefan Kangas and John Peterson
28 February 1947: Taiwan’s February Revolution 28 February 2019 Parson Young
[Audio] Guaidó Morning, Venezuela! 28 February 2019 Out of Left Field
Irish nurses' strike and the role of union leadership 27 February 2019 Ben Curry
Trial of Catalan political prisoners reveals the rotten nature of the Spanish regime 27 February 2019 Joan Claravall (L’Octubre)
Britain: No more concessions to the Blairites! 26 February 2019 Adam Booth
[Audio] “It is for the Venezuelan people to decide who their president is” 26 February 2019 Hands off Venezuela
Venezuela: Jorge Martin debates former Director for South America to Obama and Trump 26 February 2019 Hands off Venezuela
USA: the class interests behind Trump’s wall 25 February 2019 Antonio Balmer
Venezuela: 23 February – the day they did not pass 24 February 2019 Jorge Martin
Haiti: imperialist aggression against Bolivarian Revolution sparks mass movement 22 February 2019 Rob Lyon
Nigerian elections postponed due to imperialist meddling 22 February 2019 Ola Kazeem
Venezuela: declaration to the revolutionary people – before the imperialist onslaught, we must go on the offensive! 22 February 2019 Lucha de Clases
Venezuela: imperialist pressure ramped up under guise of “humanitarian aid” 21 February 2019 Jorge Martin