Title Created Date Author
[Video] Revolution and counter-revolution in Sudan 14 June 2019 Socialist Appeal (UK)
Britain: Home Secretary signs US extradition request for Assange 14 June 2019 Rob Smith
Britain: Grenfell – two years on, unite to fight for justice 14 June 2019 Nico Baldion (Chair of Kensington and Chelsea Momentum) and Dan Langley
After 7 June, revolutionary events being prepared in Liberia 13 June 2019 Moses Uneh Yahmia and Alfred P. B. Kiadii from Liberia
Britain: Tory leadership race leaves big business aghast 13 June 2019 Ben Curry
Austria: enthusiasm and optimism at the biggest international spring seminar in years 13 June 2019 Der Funke (Austria)
Hong Kong: a million march against extradition bill 12 June 2019 Daniel Morley; additional reporting by Parson Young
Britain: Liberal Democrats surge – don't forget the betrayals 12 June 2019 Adam Booth
Brazil: leaked conversations reveal legal stitch-up against Lula 11 June 2019 Esquerda Marxista
Sudan: the whip of the counter-revolution spurs on the revolution 10 June 2019 Fred Weston
Myanmar (Burma): peasant tortured to death by authorities 10 June 2019 NA
Britain: Labour victory in Peterborough silences the cynics 10 June 2019 Joe Attard
New Zealand: Auckland Rail maintenance workers locked out over pay claim 10 June 2019 Rufus Tyler
USA: American Marxists strategise for socialism in our lifetime 07 June 2019 David Spenger
Mega-strike in New Zealand as 50,000 teachers walk out 07 June 2019 Miles Lacey
The Call of Democracy: fellow students, do you know what June 4th represents? 07 June 2019 Hsiao Yu in Taiwan
Sudan: the counter-revolution strikes 06 June 2019 Hamid Alizadeh and Fred Weston
India: Modi's landslide victory ushers a new era of intense class struggle 05 June 2019 Adam Pal
Balkans: successful Marxist May Day panel in Banja Luka 05 June 2019 Marxist Organisation, 'Reds'
China: from revolution to Tiananmen 04 June 2019 Daniel Morley