Title Created Date Author
South Africa: after Ramaphosa’s ANC victory, nothing has been solved 22 January 2018 Ben Morken
Britain: Marxists scare the Tory press and bourgeois academics 22 January 2018 Marxist Student Federation (UK)
Successful Congress of Pakistan Marxists – day two 21 January 2018 IMT correspondent in Lahore
Successful Congress of Pakistan Marxists 20 January 2018 IMT correspondent in Lahore
Germany: Luxemburg and Liebknecht commemorated in Berlin 20 January 2018 Hans-Gerd Öfinger
Venezuela: economic crisis worsens – which way forward? 19 January 2018 Jorge Martin
How I Remember Munnu Bhai (1933-2018) 19 January 2018 Alan Woods
American infrastructure: from rags to ruins 18 January 2018 Daniel Phelan
Austria: massive demonstration against right-wing government 17 January 2018 Florian Keller
Britain: for a new 'New Unionism' 17 January 2018 Ben Gliniecki
Britain: Carillion collapse – the true, ugly face of the profit system 16 January 2018 Steve Jones
Rosa Luxemburg – Reform or Revolution 15 January 2018 Alan Woods and Niklas Albin Svensson
Britain: May's omnishambles reshuffle – another nail in the coffin 12 January 2018 Ben Curry
Wauquiez, Le Pen, and the crisis of the French right 12 January 2018 Dora Dimitrova; ; translator: Dora Dimitrova
Ukraine: frustration for the Euromaidan coalition as Poroshenko regime endures another year 11 January 2018 Peter Mikhailenko
Tunisian youth rises up against austerity again 11 January 2018 Jorge Martin
Argentina: down with Macri's repression against left activists 09 January 2018 International Marxist Tendency
The Vietnam War: eye-opening documentary shows full horror of imperialism 08 January 2018 Steve Jones
Russia: How the Bureaucracy Seized Power ‒ Part two: isolation and degeneration of the workers' state 04 January 2018 George Collins
Venezuela after the municipal elections 29 December 2017 Jorge Martin