[From HoV] International Days of Action in solidarity with Venezuela

Around the world Hands Off Venezuela and Congreso Bolivariano de los Pueblos activists expressed their solidarity with the revolution in Venezuela. In 18 countries hundreds of workers and youth gathered in meetings and other activities to discuss the upcoming elections and spread information about the revolution.

Read reports on the Hands Off Venezuela website:

Canada/Quebec: Meetings in support of the Bolivarian revolution

Hands Off Venezuela, the Toronto Bolivarian Circle “Louis Riel” and Société Bolivarienne du Québec organised three succesful events in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. Here are the reports with pictures.

Denmark: Nationwide campaign and book launch

In the run-up to the elections in Venezuela on September 26, Hands off Venezuela Denmark has published a book, ”the Venezuelan Revolution – eyewitness account and analysis”, by the author Andreas Bülow. This is the first book on the subject in Danish.

Big success of the HOV Campaign in Greece

Yesterday a delegation of the Greek Ηands Off Venezuela Campaign visited the Venezuelan Embassy in Athens to hand over the Statement in support of the Bolivarian revolution in the forthcoming elections in Venezuela. This Statement was signed by some very well-known and important political leaders of the Greek Left.

Belgium – United action in support of the Bolivarian revolution

Some 30 belgian and latinoamerican activists met in solidarity with the revolution in Venezuela. They represented organisations like Hands Off Venezuela, the Colectivo Rodrigista, the Comabe and the Collectif Venezuela 13 avril.

USA: Minneapolis in Solidarity with the Venezuelan Revolution

On Friday, September 17th, Twin Cities Hands Off Venezuela hosted a discussion on the Venezuelan Revolution at Mayday Books in Minneapolis, with a focus on the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Hands Off Venezuela - El Salvador at Venezuelan Embassy

Friday, September 17. A delegation from the Popular Youth Block (BPJ) visited the Venezuelan Embassy to show support for Venezuela’s United Socialist Party (PSUV), which is standing in the September 26 elections.