The IMT at the G20 summit

After last weekend’s successful intervention at the “People's Summit” in Toronto, the Canadian Marxists of Fightback are preparing for the G20 summit this weekend with a tent at Queen’s Park and a meeting in the evening. If you are in Toronto look us up and come to the meeting.

The Canadian Marxists of Fightback and the IMT are presently intervening in the protests around the G20 meeting in Toronto and are sponsoring a series of events. If you are interested in stopping the G20 and fighting against capitalism, drop by our tables in the next couple of weeks!

Fight Back Against the G20
Sat June 26th: 7pm - 9pm
Imperial Pub, back room, 54 Dundas Street East

On Saturday 26th June, the main day of protest against the G20, we will have a permanent tent set up at Queen's Park, 9am-5pm. Join us in our fight against the G20 agenda. We won’t pay for the bosses' crisis! For a socialist alternative to capitalist austerity!

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