UCL Marxists: How can Labour break the Brexit deadlock?



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Theresa May’s inability to get her Brexit deal through the House of Commons has generated a parliamentary crisis. The Labour Party does not currently have the numbers to push a motion of no confidence through Parliament, and doesn’t look like it will anytime soon. The establishment is scrambling to find a solution to the crisis, but everywhere they only find more deadlock. Some Tory MPs are already talking about the need for a national unity government, in an unholy alliance with the LibDems and Blairites, while cries for a People’s Vote as a catch-all solution remain loud.

But as Corbyn has correctly pointed out, the main dividing line in society is not between those who voted Leave and those who voted Remain, but rather between the capitalists, who own the means of production and profit off exploitation, and the workers, who own nothing but their labour power. A People’s Vote does nothing to address the fundamental contradictions of British capitalism, nor does it provide an answer to the ongoing austerity crisis that is tearing apart the fabric of society.

We urgently need a general election to bring a Corbyn government to power on a socialist programme. But how can Labour break the Brexit deadlock?