Leon Trotsky

An overview of all our publications to date that can be freely read online. All of these works can be purchased in paper copy from Wellred Books and most are also available as an ebook (to read on tablet or e-reader).
Title Created Date Author
托洛茨基《过渡纲领》对今日世界的重要性:印尼版序言 17 December 2018 艾伦·伍兹
托洛茨基《過渡綱領》對今日世界的重要性:印尼版序言 17 December 2018 艾倫·伍茲
Their Morals and Ours 25 June 2018 Leon Trotsky
Leon Trotsky on Organisational Problems 05 June 2018 Fred Zeller
Leon Trotsky's unpublished letters to Andrés Nin 18 October 2017 Leon Trotsky
Is The Time Ripe For The Slogan: ‘The United States Of Europe’? 17 October 2017 Leon Trotsky
My Life 21 August 2017 Leon Trotsky
Leon Trotsky: the man and his ideas 20 August 2012 Rob Sewell
The fight of the Trotsky family - interview with Esteban Volkov 21 August 2006
Family, Youth and Culture 01 January 1936 Leon Trotsky
In Defence Of October 27 November 1932 Leon Trotsky
Family Relations Under the Soviets 01 January 1932 Leon Trotsky
History of the Russian Revolution 01 January 1930 Leon Trotsky
Lenin (Encyclopedia Britannica) 01 January 1929 Leon Trotsky
Mikhail Frunze 13 November 1925 Leon Trotsky
Dialectical Materialism and Science 17 September 1925 Leon Trotsky
Jacob Sverdlov 13 March 1925 Leon Trotsky
Lenin 01 January 1925 Leon Trotsky
Literature and Revolution 11 April 1924 Leon Trotsky
The Lessons of October 11 April 1924 Leon Trotsky