Peace and harmony – the crown jewels of any ruling class in every epoch. On July 9th, a 50-thousand strong demonstration in the heart of Kuala Lumpur robbed the Malaysian ruling class of this peace and harmony. Organized by a coalition of NGOs and civil societies who call themselves the Bersih 2.0 coalition, the rally shook Malaysia to its core.

We have received a request for solidarity from activists in Malaysia involved in a protest bike ride and who have faced constant police harassment. We call on our readers to express support and take part in the protest aimed at the Malaysian authorities.

We have received this article from Malaysia about the campaign against the Internal Security Act 1960. The repressive Act is based on legislation introduced by the British imperialists in their struggle against communist insurgency, but 51 years after independence it is still being used by the Malaysian government. The struggle for democratic rights is part of the struggle for socialism and we appeal to all In Defence of Marxism readers to support the campaign.

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