May Greetings from Stuttgart

“Peace on earth! Fraternity between the nations! War against war!”

Dear Comrade,

I apologise for not sending the article for your May Day number. I would have written it with pleasure, but a very serious illness of the eyes prevented me from doing so.

Together with my excuses I send you the heartiest congratulation for the courage and the fidelity of conviction with which the Social-Democratic Federation has fearlessly and without regard to momentary advantages defended the cause of right, justice and freedom against the powerful currents of imperialism and jingoism. Its manly attitude during this deplorable war against the Boers, brought about by the sordid and unscrupulous greed of a small number of gold-hunters, stock jobbers and adventurers, will be one of the purest glories in the history of Socialism.

It is under particularly difficult circumstances that your May Demonstration takes place this year, and it is a particularly high and elevated significance that these circumstances give to your demonstration. Be sure that the Socialists of all countries fully appreciate these two facts. Wherever on the first of May the working class cries to capitalist society: “Peace on earth! Fraternity between the nations! War against war!” their thoughts and sympathies will turn towards that gallant little body of Socialist fighters in England, which dares to oppose the Socialist ideals and revindications to a world of power, of prejudice and of misled passions, roused by the present criminal war.

With sincere wishes for the success of your May Day and the action of your Party, I remain, dear comrade,

Truly yours,

Clara Zetkin

Source: Marxist Internet Archive