In January we interviewed Luis Enrique Barrios, a leading member of the Mexican Marxist Tendency Militante. He explains how the struggle against electoral fraud has led to heightened working class militancy, such as the struggle of the miners, and it is merely a question of time before this erupts in a new wave of mass mobilisations.

Our attention has been drawn to an article published in the Mexican newspaper El Financiero on August 27, 2007. What is significant about this article is that it makes a specific reference to the Revolutionary Marxist Current (CMR) in Venezuela and the Marxist Tendency Militante in Mexico. The Venezuelan CMR is mentioned as one of the "tools for ideological propaganda" with the aim of spreading the "socialist revolution in the 21st century".

The attacks against the Marxist Tendency Militante in Mexico have stepped up. A further 10 arrest warrants have been issued for comrades involved in student struggles in the summer. Given the class polarisation in Mexico, the increasing repression at the hands of the state and the increasing unwillingess of the people to back down, Mexico is headed for a social explosion.

Yesterday pickets were organised outside Mexican embassies around the world, calling for the release of Adan Mejia (an APPO activist and supporter of the Marxist Tendency Militante) and of all the other political prisoners presently being held in Mexican jails. The campaign will continue until everyone is released and all charges are dropped.

Francisco Jay Alguilar is free at last! After enduring an extremely difficult situation in prison, comrade Alguilar has been freed and returned to his family. The struggle of all our comrades in prison was exemplary. Now our task is to continue the fight and build the revolutionary organisation.

The campaign to free Adán Mejía is calling for an International Day of Action on September 13th, when pickets should be organised outside Mexican consulates and embassies around the world. We are also calling on all labour movement and youth activists to pass resolutions supporting the demands of the campaign and to make donations towards the legal defence fund, which will cover the costs of the campaign.

After the successful demonstration to the presidential palace on August 8th, the campaign for the release of the student activists from the CLEP-CEDEP and the MENA arrested on August 6th while demanding more university places continued with more demonstrations and actions.

On Monday August 6th, a force of nearly 1000 police officers attacked a peaceful sit-in demonstration of students who were demanding access to university. The protest had been organised by the Movement of Non-Admitted Students, a campaign launched by the Committee in Defence of State Education - Committee of Student Struggle.

On Wednesday, August 1st, around 200 people demonstrated for over an hour at the doors of the Mexican diplomatic mission in Barcelona, Spain, demanding the release of the political prisoner from Militante, Adán Mejía.

After the recent resurgence of the mass movement in Oaxaca the authorities have responded by launching a wave of brutal repression. Many activists have been arrested. Among these is a comrade of the Militante Marxist Tendency and APPO activist. Workers and youth in all countries should protest strongly!

One year after the revolutionary events in Oaxaca, Mexico, the movement has erupted again. The Mexican ruling class thought they had put an end to the movement with a wave of repression, but they were wrong. The underlying problems that provoked the movement have not gone again. See also in Spanish.

One year after the tumultuous events in Oaxaca, Mexico, we publish an article by a militant who participated in the insurrection. See also in Spanish.

Alan Woods and Esteban Volkov, Trotsky’s grandson, addressed a packed meeting last week in the auditorium of the Leon Trotsky Museum, in Coyoacan, Mexico, to launch the Mexican edition of Leon Trotsky’s Stalin’s Gangsters.

On May 30 the Mexican edition of Reason in Revolt was launched in a large lecture theatre in the Polytechnic, with about 150 students, workers, trade unionists and peasant activists listening and taking part in the debate. The mood was very enthusiastic and once again shows the powerful impact the Marxist Tendency is having in Mexico.

On Tuesday, May 29, over 150 people, mainly workers and trade unionists filled a hall in the Workers' University of Mexico to hear Alan Woods speaking on Venezuela and the Latin American revolution. The ideas he outlined connected immediately with the mood of Mexican workers and youth after the tumultuous events of last year when millions mobilise against electoral fraud.

Alan Woods spoke at a second meeting in Puebla, presenting Reason in Revolt. The meeting was a great success, and shows the growing thirst for revolutionary ideas in Mexico.

On Thursday May 24 the supporters of the Mexican Marxist Tendency Militante and the Frederick Engels Foundation in Puebla organized a very successful public meeting to launch the book Bolshevism: the Road to Revolution.