New edition of Moroccan Marxist paper The Communist

The latest edition of The Communist – in Arabic – has come out. We are providing a PDF of the paper and a list of contents in English.

Communist_no_5The paper includes articles on the following:

  • The student movement in Morocco, where we explain the necessity of an orientation to the working class and a united front of the left currents.
  • Solidarity with the struggle with the Association of Unemployed Youth (ANDCM) in Chefchaouen and the need to involve the unions, the masses and the left parties in the struggle against unemployment.
  • On the development of the “coordinating committees of struggle” against the high cost of living. Here we explain that those “coordinating committees” are a good instrument of struggle, but cannot replace the unions and the left parties. We also explain that those “coordinating committees” should be developed to become real soviets.
  • "If the climate were a bank, the capitalists would already have saved it!'. Here we explain how capitalism is responsible for the ecological threats to the planet and humanity. Only a planned economy under the democratic control of the workers can save the planet.
  • An article on the class struggle in France against the increase of the retirement age, with a report on the recent mobilisations, the solidarity of the Italian working class. The article also warns against similar attacks in the Arab world.
  • On the Communist Manifesto and its relevance today, 162 years after its publication.

Download the full paper here (arabic).