[Podcast] Peru: free Castillo! Down with Boluarte!

International Marxist Radio (IMR) will this week be covering recent developments in Peru, which in December saw democratically elected president Castillo deposed by a capitalist coup. Last week’s guest Jorge Martín returns to speak to presenter Joe Attard about the situation in the country – which has been escalating since Castillo’s removal – and where the movement could go from here.

While usurper president Dina Boluarte has doubled down on repression since introducing a state of emergency last month, the workers and peasants have also refused to back down, showing enormous bravery in resisting the illegitimate regime up to this point.

What will happen next? And what can socialists around the world do to support the masses of Peru against this barefaced attack?

Join us for a joint meeting in London this evening, organised in solidarity with the Peru masses.

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