Russia: Astrakhan workers on strike

From the Russian Marxist paper Workers Democracy an account of this strike in Astrakahan (March 2000)

Strike in the pre-Volga region of Astrakhan province. 500 workers of the housing and communal services of the pre-Volga region of Astrakhan province, members of the union "Zashchita" [Defense] began a strike calling for 9-month wage arrears. In addition, in breach of the branch tariff agreement, wages for the workers are understated by a factor of 2. And meanwhile officials of the local municipalities almost to a man provide themselves with banks of phones to argue for hours over the monthly wage of one single worker. Attempts at negotiations with the local authority are completely stuck in a blind alley. Vice-Govenor Volodin, a former member of the KPRF, instead of meeting the workers sent the militia to disperse an "unsanctioned" meeting. In the Ministry of Finances they explained to deputy of the State Duma O.Shein, that the debts of the federal budget will be settled not earlier than autumn (despite the Putin decrees), they needed money for the war and in general there are more intresting deputies like Berezovsky and Kobzon.

Therefore MORP, "Zashchita truda" (Defense of labour) is appealing to all comrades to support the striking Astrakhan workers and send telegrams or faxes of protest to V.Putin and the Astrakhan provincial Administration.

Addresses for telegrams and faxes:-

1) 103132, Moscow, Staraya pl, d4 i.o. President R.F. Putin V.V.

fax (8-095) 206-07-66

2) Astrakhan, Sovietskaya Street, d.15 Head of Administration of the Astrakhan Province Guzhvin A.P.

fax (8-8512) 24-77-57

Messages can also be sent to the Russian Marxist Paper Workers' Democracy at:

Article translated from the March 2000 edition of the Russian Marxist Paper Workers' Democracy