During the February 20 protests in Morocco, the state unleashed its security forces on the masses, leading to at least nine deaths and many arrests. One of those arrested and brutally tortured was a comrade of the Communist League of Action (CLA), the IMT in Morocco. We publish here an appeal from the comrades of the CLA. We ask all our readers to take part in the protest against these actions.

Please support Nawzad Baban, one of the leading figures of the current protests in Kurdistan and also a worker activist of the FWCUI in the electricity sector in Sulaimaniya City. He was kidnapped on Friday, February 25, in Sulaimaniya with three other comrades.

We recently reported on the movement of workers and youth in the north of Iraq/Kurdistan. In response to those mobilisations, the security forces have opened fire on the people and arrested some of the key organisers. We have received this appeal for solidarity and help to get those arrested released. Please make your voice heard by writing to the Iraqi authorities.