Stalin, by Leon Trotsky - Help publish the first complete edition in Italian!

On the occasion of the centenary anniversary of the October Revolution, we are proud to announce a campaign for the publication of the Italian version of last work of the revolutionary Leon Trotsky, his biography of Stalin. So far, this work has only been available in incomplete editions, distorted politically by the editing of the editor of the first edition in the ‘40s, Charles Malamuth.

But last year, the book was re-compiled, in English, into the most complete version, including unpublished parts, by Wellred Books. Before this the book was carefully restored over a 10 year period with the participation of dozens of people. Drawing from the Harvard archives and the English, French and Russian editions Wellred produced the most complete version ever in any language. The new edition has 100,000 more of Trotsky’s words than the 1946 original, that is a 30% increase. Meanwhile all of Malamuths political distortions of the work have been removed.

Our aim is to translate and publish the book, which Trotsky was working on when he was killed by a Stalinist assassin, in Italian. Help us achieve our goal to make this book available in Italian.

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