Statement of the International Marxist Tendency on the recall referendum in Bolivia

This statement was unanimously passed at the World Congress of the International Marxist Tendency. All efforts must be made to stop the oligarchy's plans to remove Morales, which they see as a step in the direction of re-establishing their control over the situation.

On August 10th, in Bolivia there will be a recall referendum for president Evo Morales and eight of the 9 reactionary prefects (regional governors).

This referendum is a new turning point for the Bolivian revolution, in which opposite class interests are clashing. On the one hand, the workers and peasants who yearn for fundamental change in the country, on the other, the oligarchy, the land owners and the owners of banks, industry and the mass media, imperialism and the multinationals, who have already started a vicious campaign against the recall referendum. They want to prevent at all costs the legitimization of the government of Evo Morales and the recalling of their prefects.

In this battle, the International Marxist Tendency is firmly on the side of the oppressed masses of Bolivia. We appeal to activists of the workers' movement and international solidarity organizations all over the world to be vigilant in the face of maneuvers on the part of the oligarchy and imperialism to sabotage the recall referendum or not to recognize its results.

The ruling class will not give up its political and economic power, or its privileges without a battle. As they have already shown in Santa Cruz, they will use all means at their disposal: organizing fascist gangs, economic sabotage, a campaign of lies in the media, diplomatic pressure, and, if the conditions are right, a military coup.

In the last few years, the Bolivian workers and peasants have shown once and again their firm will to struggle against capitalism, imperialism and landlordism: during the water war in Cochabamba, in the uprisings in February and October 2003 and May-June 2005, and more recently with the election of Evo Morales in December 2005. Their message throughout has been clear.

The interests of the Bolivian workers and peasants cannot be realized without breaking decisively with the power of the ruling class. On August 10th we must win the recall referendum, ratifying president Evo Morales and recalling the reactionary prefects. This can only be achieved with the broadest mobilization of the masses in the streets, not only to vote, but also to defend the results in the face of opposition maneuvers.

However, this is only one step. The policies of negotiation and conciliation with the oligarchic opposition and the multinationals that sections of the government and of the MAS leadership have implemented, have only served to encourage the capitalist class while creating confusion and disorientation amongst the movement of workers and peasants. In order to win the referendum, and above all to fulfill the aspirations of the working class, all levers of economic and political power must be wrested out of the hands of the ruling class and imperialism. The land must be expropriated and the banks and big businesses must be nationalized under democratic workers' control.

Organise solidarity with the Bolivian revolution!
Ratify president  Morales, recall the reactionary prefects!
Mobilise the workers and peasants in the streets to defend the recall referendum and implement the October agenda!
Nationalise the banks, big businesses, multinationals and the latifundia!
All power to the workers and peasants!

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