Stop killings and harassment against the revolutionary movement in Honduras!

We have received the following message from Honduran activists of the National Front of Peoples' Resistance against the repression of the Porfirio Lobo government. His government was installed through fraudulent elections organised by the coup regime, despite massive abstention of the masses and harsh repression. The repressive attitude of the Lobo government uncovers its pretence of being democratic. The International Marxist Tendency declares its full solidarity with the Honduran workers and youth who continue to struggle and are suffering the repression, killings.

No more repression against the activists of the FNPR (National Front of Resistance Against the Coup)

We denounce the police harassment which Militant comrades from Honduras are suffering, including threatening phone calls and email messages, comrades being followed home and harassed at resistance marches.

We strongly repudiate the killings of comrades Claudia Brizuela, Julio Funez, Vanesa Zepeda, the kidnapping and torture of Globo Television cameramen, as well as the attempted murder by dark forces against theatre actor Hermes Reyes.

This government is a continuity of the coup in Honduras. Pepe Lobo and his "Christian humanism" is the choice of the Honduran bourgeoisie, continue to unleash brutal repression against the popular movement. They want to smash the enthusiasm and will to struggle of the Honduran people, by killing and harassing the supporters and militants of the heroic resistance. Enough!


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