1917 Struggle for Women's Emancipation

Title Created Date Author
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The role of women in the trade unions and the struggle of the PTUDC 19 April 2002 Rukhsana Manzoor
1927: The Expulsion of Leon Trotsky 16 January 2002 Phil Mitchinson
Women, Work and the Struggle for Socialism 07 January 2002 Barbara Humphries
Whatever Happened to Equal Pay? 07 January 2002 Sheila Clark
The origins of women's oppression 05 September 2001 Rob Sewell
Women and the Struggle for Socialism 18 July 2001 Alan Woods
Women and the suffrage 23 June 2001 Barbara Humphries
The Revolution Betrayed - a Marxist Masterpiece 06 June 2001 Alan Woods
Marxism and art: introduction to Trotsky's writings on Art and Culture 14 December 2000 Alan Woods
A Leninist Hero of our Times - In Memory of Valery Sablin: The true story of Red October 11 September 2000 Alan Woods
The revolt on the armoured cruiser "Potemkin" 05 September 2000
Working Class Women in the 1931-39 Spanish Republic 22 May 1997 Juana Cobo
The Russian Revolution: The Meaning of October 07 November 1992 Alan Woods
Women in the Soviet Union 28 May 1988 Jen Pickard
Sylvia Pankhurst - Suffragette and class fighter 30 April 1982 Jen Pickard
The Hungarian Soviet Republic of 1919 - The Forgotten Revolution 12 November 1979 Alan Woods
[Ted Grant] Hungary and the Crisis in the Communist Party 23 November 1956 Ted Grant