[Video] Coronavirus and the Indian subcontinent – a living nightmare

Watch our live interview with Adam Pal, the editor of Lal Salaam (the IMT's journal in Pakistan) speaking about the coronavirus pandemic and the political situation in Pakistan and India.

The already-dire conditions facing workers and the poor in these countries mean COVID-19 has dealt a very cruel blow. The lack of sanitation and cramped living quarters in poor communities makes social distancing measures impossible, while Pakistani health workers have faced arrest and torture at the hands of the state for protesting a lack of personal protective equipment.

The situation in occupied Kashmir (which was already under a strict curfew) has been made even-more miserable, while the reactionary Modi government in India has coupled its hypocritical call for “unity” with exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic to whip up further hatred against Muslims. Only workers’ struggle for socialist measures can put an end to this nightmare!

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