1917 Struggle for Women's Emancipation

Title Created Date Author
Heroism of the Workers in the Rear "Communist Subbotniks" 28 June 1919 V.I. Lenin
Rosa Luxemburg: Her Fight Against the German Betrayers of International Socialism 01 May 1919 Clara Zetkin
First All-Russia Congress of Working Women (Speech) 19 November 1918 V.I. Lenin
The Right to Divorce 01 October 1916 V.I. Lenin
Letter to Inessa Armand 2 06 February 1915 V.I. Lenin
Letter to Inessa Armand 30 January 1915 V.I. Lenin
The Women of Germany to the Women of Great Britain 01 January 1915 Clara Zetkin
The Duty of Working Women in War-Time 19 November 1914 Clara Zetkin
German Women to Their Sisters in Great Britain 01 December 1913 Clara Zetkin
Fifth International Congress Against Prostitution 26 July 1913 V.I. Lenin
Capitalism and Female Labour 10 May 1913 V.I. Lenin
A Greeting from Abroad 01 May 1913 Clara Zetkin
German Socialist Women’s Movement 09 October 1909 Clara Zetkin
For Adult Suffrage 01 May 1909 Clara Zetkin
From The International Socialist Congress in Stuttgart 02 November 1907 V.I. Lenin
Social-Democracy & Woman Suffrage 01 January 1906 Clara Zetkin
May Greetings from Stuttgart 12 May 1900 Clara Zetkin
The Workers’ International Festival 01 May 1899 Clara Zetkin
Only in Conjunction With the Proletarian Woman Will Socialism Be Victorious 16 October 1896 Clara Zetkin