An overview of all our publications to date that can be freely read online. All of these works can be purchased in paper copy from Wellred Books and most are also available as an ebook (to read on tablet or e-reader).
Title Created Date Author
Books 15 October 2018
The Ideas of Karl Marx 02 April 2018
Russia: From Revolution to Counter-Revolution 10 October 2017
History of the Bolshevik Party: Bolshevism - The Road to Revolution 03 March 2017 Alan Woods
Ted Grant - The permanent revolutionary 20 July 2016 In Defence of Marxism
China: From Permanent Revolution to Counter-Revolution 21 January 2016
The Classics of Marxism: Volume Two 10 December 2015
What is Marxism? 16 July 2015
Marxism and Anarchism 06 April 2015
Germany: from Revolution to Counter-Revolution 21 July 2013 Rob Sewell
Reformism or revolution. Marxism and socialism of the 21st Century (Reply to Heinz Dieterich) 26 August 2008 Alan Woods
Lenin, Trotsky and the Theory of the Permanent Revolution 21 December 2007
History of British Trotskyism 09 July 2006
In the Cause of Labour - A History of British Trade Unionism 10 November 2003
Lenin and Trotsky - What they really stood for 12 July 1999 Alan Woods and Ted Grant
Reason in Revolt: Marxist Philosophy and Modern Science 01 May 1995 Alan Woods and Ted Grant