Title Created Date Author
Moroccan dictatorship upholds verdicts against Rif detainees 08 April 2019 Anas Rahimi
Moroccan regime supports the coup in Venezuela: we say, let the people decide their own destinies! 04 February 2019 Communist League of Action (Morocco)
Solidariedade com as massas marroquinas! Abaixo com a ditadura e a opressão! 09 June 2017 Corrente Marxista Internacional
Marokko: de Rif komt weer in opstand! 06 June 2017 Geschreven door onze correspondent in Marokko
Solitarietà con le masse marocchine! Abbasso la dittatura e la repressione! 05 June 2017 Tendenza marxista internazionale
Maroc : le Rif se soulève à nouveau 05 June 2017 Notre correspondant au Maroc
Solidarity with the Moroccan masses! Down with dictatorship and oppression! 02 June 2017 International Marxist Tendency
Morocco: The Rif rises again 01 June 2017 Our correspondent in Morocco
‘Welcome to Morocco, we grind people here!’ 31 October 2016 Jean Duval
Morocco: Crime and Punishment - repression of the march of the trainee teachers 27 January 2016 L.A.C.
Morocco - Solidarity needed against the repression of student teachers 13 January 2016 In Defence of Marxism
Morocco: The Communist 15 is out! 08 October 2015 In Defence of Marxism
Morocco: The Communist issue number 12 is out! 17 March 2014 Communist League of Action (Morocco)
Morocco: A Balance Sheet of Two Years of Struggle against the Dictatorship and Exploitation - ‘The Dictatorship of the Monarchy can be overthrown through the Class Struggle’ 22 February 2013 Editorial Board of the Communist
9th edition of The Communist - paper of the Moroccan section of the IMT 21 February 2013
Morocco: 8th edition of The Communist out now! 12 October 2012 In Defence of Marxism Editorial Board
Morocco: Bouazar miners stand up against the bosses and the state 11 October 2012 In Defence of Marxism
Video: Morocco - Video of funeral of comrade Anas Benani in Tetouan 31 May 2012 In Defence of Marxism
Obituary – Anas Benani, a young revolutionary fighter. 29 May 2012 Jean Duval
Morocco: Uprising in the villages of the Rif – an important shift in consciousness 19 March 2012 our correspondent in Morocco