Are you a communist? Then get organised! Join the Marxists!

The Marxists in Britain are recruiting for revolution. We are appealing to militant workers and youth to join us in the struggle for socialism. If you’re a communist, don’t wait – get in touch and get organised today.

Socialist Appeal – the British section of the International Marxist Tendency (IMT) – has launched a recruitment drive, in order to reach 1000 members in Britain.

In March, we smashed past the figure of 800 comrades, organised in 68 local branches across the length and breadth of the country: from Cornwall and Cardiff, through to Edinburgh and Ipswich. And now we are aiming for the next major milestone.

We are actively recruiting for revolution, looking for communist workers and youth who want to get organised. If this applies to you, then get in touch right now and join the Marxists!

What is Socialist Appeal?

Socialist Appeal and the IMT aim to build a revolutionary leadership in Britain and across the world.

We base ourselves on the ideas and methods of Marxism: organising the most militant workers and youth; intervening in the class struggle as communists; and attempting to build a force that can lead the working class in the fight to overthrow capitalism.

Events are accelerating. The mood in society is being transformed. The radicalisation amongst workers and youth is palpable. More and more are identifying as communists, looking to get active and organised, and join the revolutionary struggle for socialism.

Since launching our recruitment campaign at our recent national congress in March, we’ve had over 150 people write into our website, asking to join and get involved. And dozens more are getting in touch every week. Here are some of the things they’ve said:

“I’m a life-long communist. I demand the end of capitalism in my time. I’ve heard you are organising and growing. And now that we are at the greatest crisis of capitalism in over half a century, I want to be a part of building the future.”

“I have agreed with the ideas for a long time, but I only recently started to really get into it as a young person (19 years old). You can see the effects that the ruling class has on everyone else, especially in capitalist societies like the USA and the UK.”

“I feel like parliamentary politics is a dead end for the left, so I wish to join a revolutionary movement. Pretty much every political party in the UK is reactionary and / or bigoted in some way. But Socialist Appeal seem like genuine communists!”

Similarly, over 230,000 people viewed a video on Twitter of one of our comrades in London selling the Socialist Appeal newspaper in a busy park.

The comments and online engagement for this clip alone show the radical mood amongst the youth. We must tap into this, and channel this into building the forces of Marxism, in order to change society.

What does our organisation do?

Across the country, we are actively building, organising, educating, and agitating, on the basis of Marxist ideas and theory.

Every one of our local branches holds weekly meetings to discuss important theoretical and political questions, providing valuable Marxist education, alongside organising our activity in the movements of workers and youth.

We also organise paper sales and stalls, on high streets and campuses, in order to spread our ideas and meet other communists and revolutionaries looking to get involved.

Similarly, we host public events – particularly through university Marxist societies, as part of the Marxist Student Federation – to provide theory and analysis to a broader audience.

And we visit picket lines and demonstrations to offer solidarity to workers in struggle, and to meet other activists who are looking to organise around revolutionary ideas.

Laying the foundations

Alongside all of this, we are also laying the necessary foundations for building our organisation: most importantly, in regards to education and finance.

Over the course of the last year, for example, our members in Britain successfully raised over £200,000 towards the purchase of a new office, which leading Socialist Appeal comrades and full-time staff will share with their counterparts in the IMT.

Similarly, Wellred Books, our publishing house, is working tirelessly to release classic Marxist texts and new theoretical material.

We have recently republished Trotsky’s Writings on Britain. And other recent titles include a Marxist history of the Chartist movement, and a biography of Rosa Luxemburg. Last year we sold over 12,000 books, making us one of the leading publishers of Marxist works in the world.

Our international website,, is the number one place to go for Marxist theory and analysis, with over 2.5 million unique views per year.

And our quarterly theoretical journal, In Defence of Marxism, sells over 3,000 copies per issue, with brand new long-reads on a range of fascinating topics, which are translated into multiple languages.

Join the revolution!

This is only a tiny snapshot of what we are doing – and what we are capable of. With capitalism in a historic crisis, the ideas of Marxism have never been more relevant. And there has never been a better time to join.

Are you a communist? Then join Socialist Appeal today, get organised, and fight for revolution!

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