Saudi women teachers protest in Riyadh

On Tuesday, April 5, in Riyadh the (female) literacy campaign teachers staged a protest in front of the Ministry of Civil Services, demanding full time employment.

Security forces asked the protesters to leave the place as soon as possible after they were given promises that their demands would be met. According to sources, some female teachers were arrested but this has not been confirmed yet.

The teachers were holding placards with slogans against the regime and they were raising their demands against the policies of King. The slogans on the placards were: "A call to the king, enough promises", "We want your help, but you become a burden", "Royal decree is clear, why violate the law?", “Permanent jobs are our right", "20 years in literacy-campaign education, a big loss for us"

Also many people protested in several other cities including Taif and Tabuk at the same time as this protest was going on in Riyadh. The link for the video coverage of the rally can be found on Youtube:

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