Brazil: succesful campaign of the Marxist Left receives 21,107 votes

On Sunday October 7 municipal elections were held in Brazil. While the second round still has not taken place, the Workers Party (PT) would have won this election but reducing its overall vote compared to the 2008 municipal elections. The Esquerda Marxista, Marxist Left of the PT, has participated in the electoral battle fielding candidates in some cities, large and small. Our candidates were workers, trade unionists and youth united by the same battle: to reclaim the PT to its name and its founding principles: to represent the class independence of the proletariat in the struggle against capitalism.

elections pt 09The campaign of the Marxist Left was, from beginning to end, a campaign to build a current which is based on the principle of class independence, a current which struggles to build a revolutionary mass organization, fighting in the PT and the heart of the class struggle, for socialism and for an end to the agreements between the party leadership and the government of Dilma with their bourgeois allies.

Regardless of the number of votes obtained by each of our comrades, this battle has taken place under the banner of defending the demands of the labor movement and socialism.

Our campaign, consistently with the principle of class independence, did not accept the money from the bankers or businessmen. The money raised came from voluntary contributions from dozens of young people and workers who understand that for the working class to be master of its own destiny, it must maintain its independence, both politically and economically, against the capitalists.

We are sure we have planted a seed that will grow strongly in the class struggle. With the rise of the revolution in Europe and the Middle East, USA, Africa, South America, Marxism begins to awaken interest and have a hearing among workers and youth, which now gains redoubled breath with Chavez's victory in Venezuela and that of the revolution against imperialism and the bourgeoisie.

Here in Brazil, where a powerful machine conveys the idea that Marxism and socialism are utopias or things of the past and that the way forward is to lower the flags of the working class and embrace the flags of modern capitalism, full of tenderness and promise of a decent life for our children, here the seed of Marxism is being carried by sincere militants have not surrendered to the modernity of the submission to the bourgeoisie and continue the fight for internationalism and world revolution.

We invite all those who put their trust in the Marxists candidates, to close ranks with the Marxist left in the common struggle to build socialism.

Where there will be runoff elections, we will carry on the battle to defeat the bourgeoisie by electing PT candidates, for a break with the bourgeoisie and the demands of the labor movement.

We would like to thank those who voted Marxist candidates, and congratulate to those who have contributed to the campaign.

As comrade Caio said in his letter of thanks to the voters: "Our struggle has not started now and is not over yet. The global crisis is becoming more difficult for Brazil, and because of the unfortunate politicies of class conciliation carried out by the leadership of the PT and the CUT, we face the great task of continuing the struggle to spread the ideas of Marxism, class struggle, to organize and fight. Venceremos!

Mayoral candidate:

José Carlos Miranda, Caieiras city, São Paulo: 7511 votes.

Candidates for Councillor

Roque, of the city of Bauru, São Paulo, was re-elected with 4,014 votes, the highest vote of any PT candidate in the city.

Adilson Mariano, from the city of Joinville, State of Santa Catarina, was re-elected with 3,405 votes, the second most voted candidate of the PT in the city.

Caio Dezorzi, the city of São Paulo, São Paulo, received 3010 votes.

Moacir Nazario, also from Joinville, Santa Catarina, scored 2060 votes.

John Tomaz, of the city of Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, scored 460 votes.

Airton Sudbrack in Jaragua do Sul, Santa Catarina, with 375 votes

Rafael Plata, Campinas, Sao Paulo state, received 160 votes.

Virginio, Santa Cruz do Capibaribe state of Pernambuco, had 75 votes.

Octavio, Garuva a comrade in Santa Catarina: 28 votes.

Semindo, also Garuva in Santa Catarina, with 29 votes