[Classics] Where is Britain Going?

"Britain today stands, at a point of crisis – perhaps more so than any other capitalist country. But Britain’s crisis is to a large extent also a crisis for four of the world’s continents, and at least the beginning of a shift for the fifth – and today the most powerful – America. At the same time the political development of Britain exhibits great peculiarities, flowing from the whole of her past, and in large measure blocking the path before her." (Leon Trotsky in 1925)

Originally published: Leon Trotsky, Where Is Britain Going?, 1925.
New Translation: Trotsky’s Writings on Britain, Vol.2, London 1975.
Translator: Allan Clinton.
Copyleft: Trotsky Internet Archive. 
Marxist.com version: HTML reworked and edited (spelling, scan errors), November 2019. 

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