Morocco: Latest edition of The Communist, paper of the Moroccan section of the IMT

We are providing in PDF format the latest edition of The Communist in Arabic, which is totally dedicated to the 20F movement against despotism in Morocco.

Table of contents:

  1. Manifesto of the Communist League of Action on the 20F. Why and how we participate in the 20F movement
  2. Morocco: The Communist League of Action and the revolutionary events in the Arab region – an interview [English]
  3. A new manifesto of the CLA on the demonstrations of 20F
  4. Morocco: Constitutional reform will not save regime [English]
  5. Account by comrade Azouzi about the police repression
  6. Bomb blast in Morocco: Who benefits from the crime? [English]
  7. The manifesto of the CLA on the bomb attack in Marrakech
  8. On the middle classes and the pacifist attitude towards repression
  9. Why we call for a boycott of the referendum of the King
  10. 20F a demand for discussion
  11. Aladl wa Elihsan (the fundamentalists), our attitude
  12. Is Aladl wa Elihsan a current that struggles for democracy?
  13. Our transitional demands

Source: (Morocco)