The Finnish Revolution is a proud chapter in the history of the international working class. Tragically, despite the tremendous energy expended by the masses, their leaders vacillated and betrayed the revolution. The forces of counterrevolution unleashed a bloodbath, which physically annihilated the flower of the working class, contributing to the encirclement and isolation of the Russian Revolution.

Trump and Putin’s meeting in Finland made headlines worldwide. Just like in other places, Trump’s visit was met with street protests in which thousands of workers and youth expressed their anger. This was despite the best efforts of the liberal organisers to water down the main protest’s message and create confusion about its time and location.

At least 15 000 people gathered on the Senate Square in Helsinki, Finland on saturday, September 24th to demonstrate their utter disgust at the nazis of the so called Finnish Resistance Movement who had the same month assaulted and beaten to death 28-year old Jimi Karttunen. Karttunen had courageously objected to the propaganda in the leaflets handed out during a street activity by the group, but his protests were met with the use of deadly force.

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