Brazil and Bolivia: Statement of the Marxist Left (Brazil)

We publish a statement of the Marxist Left in Brazil (Esquerda Marxista), which is addressed to Lula and the government, condemning their approach to the crisis in Bolivia and calling on them to support the revolution.

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To President Lula
To Foreign Affairs Minister Celso Amorim

  1. We take note, with surprise and indignation, of the statements of the Foreign Affairs Minister Celso Amorim on September 9, on the events in Bolivia:
    "We are analysing how the Bolivian government can guarantee the integrity of the pipeline network," said Mr. Amorim, who stated that his government was prepared to "open direct contacts with eastern governors if necessary." (See Protests threaten oil pipes, Washington Post, 9/9/2008).
    To this is added an absurd initiative to mediate in a "dialogue between the parties", as if these were not fascist actions of the Bolivian oligarchy against a government which enjoys widespread popular support. To treat the fascist gangs on equal terms to the Bolivian government is to give them legitimacy and to help divide Bolivia.

  2. Any trade unionist, worker, socialist and democrat can ask himself: how is it possible for the Brazilian government to open up a dialogue with the representatives of the fascist coup-plotting Bolivian oligarchy?!

  3. These fascist coup-plotters who started an attempted coup against the government of Evo Morales are the same who are trying to divide Bolivia in order to prevent the advance of the revolution which is deepening in Latin America

  4. Their aim is to liquidate the conquests won through the struggle of Bolivian workers, like the nationalisation of gas and oil.

  5. The result of the recent recall referendum on August 10th, was a show of strength and militancy on the part of the Bolivian masses who will not accept taking a step backwards after the massive battles of 2003, 2005 and the election victory of December 2005.

  6. In reality, after having been defeated in the referendum, the Bolivian ruling class, with the support of the US government, opened up an offensive against the government of Morales, passing from the propaganda in favour of splitting the country to an open and violent struggle.

  7. The US ambassador Philip Goldberg, met on September 10 with the prefect of Chuqisaca, Savina Cuellar, in Sucre, and with the racist right-wing organisation "Interinstitutional Committtee", which on May 24 humiliated a number of peasants, tearing up their clothes and forcing them to beg for forgiveness on their knees in the main square of the city. Earlier, the US ambassador met in Santa Cruz with the prefect Ruben Costas, the public leader of the reactionary and fascist conspiracy. Therefore, Evo Morales is completely right in expelling the head of this conspiracy, ambassador Philip Goldberg.

  8. The aim of imperialism and the Bolivian oligarchy is clear. We have already seen this film. On September 11, 35 years ago, the Chilean capitalists, with the support of the US government, assassinated president Salvador Allende and started one of the bloodiest dictatorships in the world. This is what the Bush administration and the governors of the Eastern departments of Bolivia want.

  9. The sabotage and blowing up of gas pipelines, the bosses' lockout of the secessionist and reactionary forces in Bolivia are proof that when the interests of the powerful are touched or threatened, they do not stop at democratic niceties.

  10. The paper "O Estado de SP", cynically declares in its editorial: "In the last two years, there has been no respect for the law or normal workings of the institutions. The country is at the mercy of the whims of a president who insists on implementing a sui generis form of government, based on an outmoded and irresponsible national-indigenous ideology, an authoritarian regime, similar to the one that his mentor Hugo Chávez has been implementing in Venezuela. The opposition, on its part, not having institutions to which it can appeal, is understandably reacting in the terms which Evo Morales placed the debate on: with arbitrary measures, the mobilisation of the civic movements and politics of the accomplished fact". (OESP, 10/09/08). This is the "democratic" ruling class of Brazil, which, in order to defend its interests, dos not hesitate to tear up the law, not recognising its own institutions and acting with arms in hand.

  11. The Brazilian government has the basic duty to reject any attempt of direct negotiation with the coup-plotting governors and to state its support for Bolivia's sovereignty by supporting the Evo Morales government against any attempted coup.

No agreement with the fascist coup-plotters in Bolivia!

All support for the government of Evo Morales against the coup-plotters and US imperialism!

Long live the revolution of the Bolivian people!

São Paulo, 12 de Setembro de 2008
Esquerda Marxista