[Podcast] Multipolarity vs. world revolution

The relative decline of US imperialism is leaving a void that is starting to be filled by other powers. In recent years, this has led to a rise of rival imperialist nations such as China and Russia, which are increasingly trying to challenge the domination of the US. What are the implications of this for the class struggle? What are the tasks of communists in a so-called multipolar world?

This week’s episode of International Marxist Radio welcomes Hamid Alizadeh from the editorial board of marxist.com to look at developments in world relations between the major capitalist powers. 

Some on the left have hailed the formation of different imperialist blocks as a moderating force against US imperialism, in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union. In reality, however, no capitalist ruling class has anything to offer the workers anywhere in the world. As imperialists compete for markets and spheres of influence, ultimately it is the working class that pays the price, while the bosses line their pockets.

For more on this topic, read Hamid Alizadeh and Ben Curry’s recent article on the widening fissures in world relations here:


For more information on the relative decline of US imperialism, check out last week’s episode ‘Towards a Third American Revolution’: 


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