Significant articles translated into Kurdish for the first time!

We are delighted to announce the publication of important articles from into the Kurdish language, thanks to the enthusiastic work of dedicated Kurdish-speaking comrades. We are proud to be able to make these translations, which have been published on the Kurdish section of the Arabic language website of the International Marxist Tendency, available on the Kurdish language section of We are certain that they will play a valuable role in theoretically equipping a new generation of class fighters in the Kurdish-speaking world.

The importance of these translations cannot be overstated at a time of unprecedented crisis of the capitalist system, when revolutionary ferment is developing the world over. From Ecuador to Sri Lanka, Britain and even Germany, cracks are beginning in the edifice of global capitalism. The ruling class are unable to rule in the old way; and the masses are unable to go on as before.

Under such circumstances, the question is starkly posed of the working class acquiring a revolutionary leadership based upon clear ideas, for which Marxist theory is vital. World events are moving at a furious pace, and as such, it is vital that workers in all regions of the world are armed with the revolutionary ideas to navigate them successfully; namely, the ideas of Marxism.

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Sweden’s bloodstained deal with Turkey

By Revolution (IMT in Sweden)

This crisis of global capitalism is impacting the struggles of oppressed peoples in every corner of the world, and the Kurdish struggle is no exception. At the start of this month, we published an article outlining how the Kurds were recently sold out by the formerly ‘sympathetic’ Social Democrats of Sweden and Finland at the most recent NATO summit.

These governments, which had previously paid lip service to the “sacrifice” and “struggle” of the Kurdish people, willingly offered them up as sacrificial lambs at the first opportunity, in return for NATO membership. This was to placate Turkey, which held a veto over the two countries’ entry into the West’s primary military alliance. Turkey’s condition for dropping the veto was “full support against threats to its national security” – which it then clarified was specifically regarding the Kurds. 

In a complete about-turn, the Scandinavian countries will now treat Kurdish organisations as terrorist groups, will collaborate with Turkish intelligence forces, and engage in the deportation or extradition requests of “terror suspects,” amongst other measures. It is worth noting that Swedish capitalists have a strong economic interest in countering Russia to benefit Swedish companies in the Baltics. Once again, we see the brutal logic of capitalism exacting a toll in blood. [Click here to read in English.]

All the powers gang up against Iraqi Kurds

By Hamid Alizadeh

In an article published in 2017, Hamid Alizadeh outlines how the Kurdish people are used as so much small change in the complex machinations of various powers in the region. The ruling classes in Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Syria, the United States and others are perfectly happy to lean upon Kurdish forces when it suits them, in order to undermine each other in the pursuit for territorial dominance.

But the second the Kurds attempt to exert their democratic right to a homeland, however, these powers are suddenly magically united in opposition to the Kurdish masses. This was starkly demonstrated by the reaction of all these regimes following the overwhelming vote to secede from Iraq in the referendum held in Iraqi Kurdistan in 2017. The overarching class interests of these capitalist regimes transcend their conflicts and alliances among one another. Ultimately, none of them have an interest in allowing the Kurdish people to exercise true self-determination. [Click here to read in English.]

The arrest of Ocalan and the plight of the Kurdish people

By Ted Grant and Fernando D'Alessandro

The Kurdish people have suffered a long series of crimes and betrayals by imperialism. The following article was written in 1999 after the arrest of Abdullah Ocalan, the leader of the PKK (Workers Party of Kurdistan). At that time, none of the European powers were prepared to grant the PKK leader asylum.

Here, Ted Grant and Fernando D’Alessandro explain in detail the forces that lie behind the oppression of the Kurds, and suggest a concrete way forward using the Marxist method. Throughout history, the question of the autonomy of the Kurds has been closely linked to the revolutionary movements of the workers in the region and on a world scale. [Click here to read in English.]

Marxism 101

By International Marxist Tendency

The freedom of the Kurdish people is indissolubly linked with the struggle to overthrow capitalism. But to overthrow capitalism, first and foremost we require clear ideas.

To this end, we must educate ourselves in Marxist theory; that is, the accumulated experience and lessons of the international movement of the working class. A failure to learn from the failures of the past means that we will be doomed to repeat them. With that in mind, what better place to start than an FAQ of Marxism? This useful article condenses many of the key concepts of Marxism, and points in the direction of further reading – making it an excellent resource for those wishing to begin the journey of studying these rich ideas. [Click here to read in English.]

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