Denmark: capitalist press and politicians react to the Revolutionary Communist Party!

Our Danish comrades are making a big splash with their plans to found a new Revolutionary Communist Party. After decades of relative dormancy for the class struggle, we can truly say that the communists have arrived in Denmark! The reaction by the bourgeois political and media establishment to this news has ranged from bemusement to open fury. As ever, we welcome the free publicity!

As attested by the comrades’ historic congress last month, support for communism is on the ascent in Denmark. The comrades are growing at a rate of knots, with new branches and cells springing up everywhere, and the announcement of the new party has met with great enthusiasm.

Little wonder that capitalist politicians are alarmed at this symptom of anger and radicalisation in Danish society.

Capitalist politicians fear communism!

Liberal Minister of Culture, Jakob Engel-Schmidt, responded on X/Twitter to the announcement of the RCP:

“Instead of nationalising Lego, Novo and Mærks, I would encourage the members of Denmark's New Revolutionary Communist Party to found their own democratic companies, where the members ‘share everything’. Of course, that requires you to have the skills.”

Given that, in recent years, the Lego Group has been mired by financial difficulties and job cuts; while both Novo and Mærks have both been embroiled in court cases for their shady dealings, it seems their capitalist owners’ ‘skills’ are deficient. The comrades are 100 percent right to call for these megacorporations to be seized and democratically managed by a workers’ state!

One of the most openly reactionary and right-wing MPs, the independent Lars Boje Mathiesen, added some poison to the mix:

“Dear young communists... There is nothing to prevent you from starting your own democratic companies, where you share everything... the only thing that prevents you is your own laziness and lack of abilities... and then it's also much easier to just take what others have created and make it your own, by force.”

We are not interested in creating a few ‘democratic islands’ in a sea of private capitalist mismanagement. The fatcats who own the big companies create nothing, but simply exploit the labour of others for their own gain. We do indeed aim to take over the privately owned means of production and put them in the hands of the working class for the benefit of society rather than a profiteering minority.

Engel-Schmidt further said:

“They could just as well stand with a swastika [referring to our comrades’ hammer-and-sickle banners]... Communism, Islamism, socialism, Nazism, fascism... although there are differences, they are all totalitarian horrible ideologies that drag a trail of death and destruction with them…”

This message was echoed by Mads Strange, one of the top candidates for the European Parliament from the reactionary Liberal Party:

“There is something funny about the fact that no one frowns when someone founds a communist party, whereas everyone would frown if it had been, for example, a fascist party…

“What has gone wrong in our history writing when fascism (thank God) is completely unacceptable today, while communism is just great?”

These ignorant, right-wing crooks have some nerve making such comparisons when they spew racist, nationalist and anti-migrant rhetoric on a daily basis. We would advise them to crack open a history book, which would teach them that fascism is a monster of capitalism’s making, directed primarily against socialists and the labour movement.

Moreover, the workers’ and peasants’ Red Army bore the greatest burden of destroying Nazism in WWII, whereas the Danish capitalist class barely lifted a finger to prevent the fascist invasion, and in many cases readily collaborated with the Nazis. The reason working people and youth are increasingly seeing communism as “great” is because we communists are the only ones who propose a genuine solution to the poverty, oppression and misery that arise from the capitalist system.

Interviewed by Danish state media

The undeniable popularity of communism and buzz around our comrades' new party even led the state media service, DR, to conduct a radio interview with Rasmus Jeppesen from the Danish comrades’ Executive Committee.

We share the full interview below, published as an article on DR under the headline ‘New communist party will start a revolution in Denmark’, which encapsulates our ideas and programme very well!

A new communist party is entering the political landscape in Denmark. In October, Rasmus Jeppesen and other supporters will found the Revolutionary Communist Party.

This is what Rasmus, spokesperson for the upcoming party, tells us.

“We are a party that fights for a communist revolution in Denmark and worldwide. And we do that because we believe that this system has failed.”

According to Jeppesen, the answer to the problems with, for example, wars, climate change and the mental health crisis is clear: a revolution.

“This means that the vast majority of the population actually starting to take power into their own hands. Beginning to organise a society according to human needs, and according to the needs of nature… Rather than a society that is set up to create the greatest possible profit.”

According to Rasmus Jeppesen, there are so far approximately 200 members of what will become a new party, with interest increasing every day.

Among other things, those who sign up buy into the premise that Danish democracy is just a parody of a democracy and that large companies such as Novo Nordisk, AP Møller-Mærsk and Carlsberg must be democratised, as Jeppesen calls it.

“Today, it is individuals who manage these companies, even though they have enormous consequences for the whole of society, and it is individuals who make a lot of money from these companies. We want them to be democratised so that they are ruled by a majority. So they are controlled by the workforce.”

Once again, the remedy is revolution. The population must start taking control of the companies themselves, setting up their own democratic bodies both within the individual companies but also between the companies.

DR: When you say revolution, is it peaceful?


DR: And if people don't want it?

“‘Well, then there is no revolution. In our understanding of a revolution, it is not a tiny group of experts or specialists who manage everything for the people. A revolution is when the majority of the population can no longer live under this society and demand something else, to try to change society into something better.”

The path to success for the Revolutionary Communist Party therefore does not go through democracy, which they think has failed.

That is, by running for a general election and being voted in.

The way is through the majority of the population democratically getting involved in managing society. And that is not the case today, says Rasmus Jeppesen.

DR: You say the current system has failed. How successful do you think communism has been?

“We do not believe that there have been any societies that have been communist. A communist society is a stateless and classless society. What have existed have been attempts to go in that direction, but have been thwarted for all sorts of different reasons.”

DR: But why revive an ideology that has never really succeeded?

“What has not worked in the past has not been communism. Communism is something else entirely. What Marx said was communism is something completely different from what we have seen in all these countries. And that is what we are fighting for, which will be a far, far more democratic form of society than the current one today.”

We have nothing further to add! Forward to the communist revolution in Denmark!

We are founding revolutionary communist parties in many countries, including Denmark, Britain, Canada, Austria, Germany, and others, in the run up to the founding conference of the Revolutionary Communist International. Register your attendance today!

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